Adam Davis - Data Centre Advocate


Data Centre, the next building block for an interconnected region

Adam Davis, Director TPL Connect

Long term advocate Adam Davis believes a data centre for the Sunshine Coast will provide ongoing benefits for the region and help strengthen its digital economy.

"A data centre is not the be all and end all. It's just a boring box with a bunch of cabinets. However, it's an enabler for other forms of business and I see it as a building block for the long-term benefit of the Sunshine Coast," he said.

Council and community initiatives have brought a digital focus to the region over the past few years, helping to attract the Sunshine Coast submarine broadband cable and creating the opportunity for a future data centre here.

Adam says QCN Fibre and Torus Networks' Helios project are also aligned to the overall vision of the submarine cable and will have flow on benefits to South East Queensland and beyond.

"Once we can interconnect these enabling projects (regional connectivity and backhaul links) which are importance pieces of puzzle, it's endless what we can achieve here.

"It's one thing to have digital hubs and startups and regions of focus, but we really need them interconnected," he said.

"The Sunshine Coast as a centralised point of interconnectivity has an amazing opportunity with the direct submarine cable link."

In the video, Adam talks about why he has been advocating for a data centre on the Sunshine Coast, how key project initiatives have provided a digital focus for the region and the collaboration across stakeholders that will benefit all regions.


  • Adam Davis is a Director of TPL Connect, which offers technology consulting, design and project management services.
  • He is also a Director of edgeDC, formed in Nov 2014 to design, deliver and manage bespoke industry leading data centres. The company also provides smart city, cloud and analytics, and infrastructure solutions.


  • Current state audits of buildings across Australia, looking at their operational technology. Doing IoT readiness piece to deploy IoT platforms that better enable smart buildings and green buildings.
  • Commissioning communications facilities remotely for a mining organisation deploying its own connectivity requirements.
  • Data centre consultancy.


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