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Sunshine Coast cable boosts confidence of Queensland telco industry

Cade Lever, Technical Director Codecom

The Sunshine Coast submarine cable is one of the major milestones that will be remembered in Queensland telecommunications history, according to Codecom Technical Director Cade Lever.

He says a cable landing on Australia’s east coast outside of Sydney is a significant advantage which will provide major flow on effects across the state.

“We’re starting to see the opportunity it’s creating, not just for big business, but for smaller providers too, with increased demand for services and products.”

“As an industry, we really need to celebrate that RTI has identified Queensland as a major hub with direct access to international markets.”

Cade has also seen an increase in excitement and confidence in the telco industry since the cable landed on the Sunshine Coast in late December 2019.

“In an environment where many other industries are shrinking, this cable access point has given our industry the opportunity to grow.

“The impact this has had short-term is phenomenal, but this is only the start of things. In the long term, it will enable Queensland to be a key player against Melbourne and Sydney. Having that direct access point to the world is so important as everything is about connectivity these days,” he said.

“People have become more convinced of the logic of it and want to see the Brisbane backhaul happen because it will open all the capacity up to the rest of Queensland.”

Cade believes the cable’s two major impacts will be:

  • 1. A major increase in data centre capacity and demand.
  • 2. Service providers capitalising on the ability to provide global links at a faster rate.

In the video Cade talks more about how the cable will attract talent, create diversity and more jobs for Queensland, and says telecommunications is the access point which will provide further benefits to other industries and support innovation.

“Having an incorporated and inclusive approach with such a large project as this (cable) means we can all win.”

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