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How Guam will change the connectivity game in Oceania

Matt Shearing, CEO OneQode

Credit "Image by 11333328 from Pixabay"

Queensland's new connection to Guam is setting the stage for a shift in the region's digital outlook, according to OneQode CEO Matt Shearing.

Growing eSports participation is just one sign that there's an exciting future ahead for Oceania.

Matt says Guam is emerging as a potential gaming hub which will provide gamers and esports the opportunity to soon compete on a level connectivity field.

The COVID pandemic has highlighted the latency challenges that different regions face as they move international tournaments online.

"Who could've predicted a pandemic like this which could stop people being able to host local events and have everyone relying more on online access," Matt said.

In the video above, Matt explains how OneQode is working on developing a gaming hub in Guam under the brand Hyperion Servers, using RTI's existing submarine cable network and infrastructure to attract gaming companies, event organisers and publishers.

Credit "Image by 11333328 from Pixabay"

International connectivity accelerates Queensland's digital future

Up until now we've been doing ourselves a disservice by not having access to great internet speeds and reliable connection in Queensland, Matt says.

He believes having a solid underlying connectivity framework (via the Sunshine Coast broadband submarine cable) provides Queensland businesses with a springboard to success through a direct path to Asia and the USA and will encourage more local entrepreneurs to stay.

"A lot of people are more comfortable doing conference calls to the other side of the world to talk about a product, and they could feasibly be raising money from here in Australia instead of feeling like they need to move somewhere else."

Frustration with unreliable and slow internet infrastructure outside Australia's capital cities resulted in the establishment of OneQode last year to provide the internet and speeds that consumers deserve.

Matt says while the underlying technologies may have changed, the big telcos have maintained the status quo for the past 10-15 years.

"Many people in this industry have come to the point where they now say: I can see a problem here, and I can solve it. We are effectively seeing new niches open up where people have identified an area where they can serve people and this sector well.

"There's a real sense that things in the industry are changing and people can challenge the status quo," Matt said.

In the video above, Matt talks about what attracted OneQode to the Sunshine Coast Cable Landing Station, how this investment will enable digital transformation by providing an alternative model to the National Broadband Network (NBN), and ultimately lift Australia's low ranking (62nd in 2020) on the Global Speedtest Index for fixed broadband .

About OneQode

  • Founded in 2019
  • Independently-owned fixed wireless internet provider deploying low-cost, high-bandwidth networks.
  • Australia's first carrier to deploy equipment and begin operations out of the Sunshine Coast Cable Landing Station and launch its digital services direct to its Brisbane Points of Presence (Equinix BR1 & NextDC B2).
  • Provides a broadband alternative to solve the last mile problem.


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